Moniwa-senpai is proud of you (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ 

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Sensei in Wonderland / Character Popularity Poll Results! 


Sensei in Wonderland / Character Popularity Poll Results! 

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"By the way, why were we keeping that secret again?"

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"Usually, the weight of a point from a break or a side out would be heavier. However, right now, the important thing is, because of Iwaizumi's point and words, the team was just saved from crumbling.”

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Datekou vs Seijou: First Impressions

Hahah, Iwa-chan has a soft heart when it comes to underclassmen… ;v; But anyway, this match will probably end me. I don’t want anyone to lose gdiii!!!! orz

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ハイキュー!! GIRLS
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You guys have no idea how much I want to see this cutie animated











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But like Iwa-chan was the only guy from Aobajousai that seemed worried about Kageyama at the end of the match, because he knew that Kageyama knew that Oikawa worked him out and outsmarted him and just as Iwa-chan knows that Oikawa always felt inferior to Kageyama, he also seems to have realized that Kageyama always respected Oikawa and probably felt quite inferior to him as well. And he knows Oikawa really well and how nasty he can be and how cruel of things he can pull off, and working out Kageyama was kind of one of these things, because just as Kageyama started trusting others and opening up his heart and wanted to win, not alone but with a team, Oikawa used it against him making Kageyama feel all the more like a failure, making Kageyama feel like maybe no matter what he’d do or who’d he become he’d still be inferior and not fit to play as a setter with a team. 

And Iwaizumi looks like he’s worried because Kageyama is a kid two years younger and they used to play together and he knows Kageyama is by no means evil and just.

Iwaizumi is such a great guy.

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